Newborn Lexi – Full Shoot

It’s been forever since I’ve posted.. but let me tell you, I haven’t been bored!

In the next few days you’ll be seeing tons of posts with TONS of photos to keep you excited and wanting more (I hope!).


Let’s take a step back… Lexi Roxanne Eva was born September 6th, 2011.

She is my husband’s cousin’s daughter and we love her like she was our own.   Since her birth, we’ve seen her EVERY week and my god, she’s growing so so fast.

This session was tons of fun from beginning to end, Lexi was a real doll to work with.  She slept through the whole session, only waking up when her mom (Jess) or I changed her from prop to prop; and let me tell you there were lots.    I enjoyed every part of this day and yes, even when Lexi decided to go to the bathroom (newborn breastfed variety) all over my props and wall!   In all honesty, I didn’t mind one bit and Jess and I had a good laugh out of it.

To see the original post about baby lexi, click here.  Watch out, she’s a heart stopper!


Message to my dearest Lexi:

You are amazing to me in so many ways.  Every day I spend with you, I witness amazing changes in you; your growing so incredibly quickly, your smiling more and more and your little personality is adorable.  I cannot begin to explain how beautiful, sweet, innocent and special you are to me and to the rest of your family. 

When you are 16, I will lovingly share with you the moments I’ve been so blessed to share with you and your family since you’ve been born.  I’ve witnessed some very special milestones in your life already and will cherish them forever.  If I was  helpful in capturing these moments and they are important to you in the future like mine were for me, I am honored.

Please remember that you have a special place in my heart and in the heart of all who surround you.  I love you deeply and am forever here for you.

Your auntie who is so in love with you,

The following photos are my favourite from the day and really show how angelic this child is.


A word to fellow photogs:
I’m going to end this post by telling you all how much I love newborns…well babies in general.  Newborn shoots aren’t easy, they are time consuming and you have to be comfortable handling babies and know that they need to be fed often during a session.

I believe that as a photographer, you have to choose your sessions based on what you love photographing vs. what pays.  If you start doing sessions based on how many clients you want and can get, you’ll start quickly hating what you’re doing and who really wants that!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and please check back for more (sometime in the next couple days!)

Andrée-Lise Photography

Greg Teckles - December 22, 2011 - 10:41 am

Great shots Andree. Thanks for sharing.

have a great Christmas


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