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As some of you may know, photography isn’t my only passion.  Since I was a wee little girl (actually that’s not true, I’ve always been quite tall ;)), I’ve been very involved in all things crafty.  When I was 7, my grandmother taught me how to knit, and it was an instant connection.  Although I learnt when I was little, it wasn’t until 3 or so years ago that I really got serious about knitting.  Now, knitting and I have a pretty intense love affair going on.  One that even has my husband wondering, what about me??

When I was asked by my friend JP if I would be interested in being featured on Entrenous on TvRogers (a french community channel here in Ottawa), I was so excited!! I said yes right away and started thinking what I could talk about!  Of course, I wanted to share with the world (or in this case, the french people in Ottawa…and my family, haha), my intense love with the art of knitting.  Too many ideas!  I got help from my knitter friends and we figured out a plan that was short, concise and would get the message of how beautiful it is across.

Let me go back in time a bit to share a story about my dream of becoming the next Martha Stewart.

Imagine me, at 10 years old (Ok, i’m not 10 here but I thought I was really cute! PS.  My bangs were short because apparently I also had a passion for hairstyling…)

On with the story..

When I was 10, I loved to cook with my mom.  Every Friday we would make individual do-them-yourself pizzas and I would be her dedicated sous-chef preparing all the toppings.  We had a fairly large window facing our prep area and at night, we could see our reflections perfectly.  So, mom and I decided to create our own make believe cooking show… which as I recall went on for quite a while.   Mom loved the time we spent together and so did I.  Sometimes, my brother Marc even got involved and I of course, would boss him around.

As the weeks passed and our show continued to be a great success (we thought, hehe), Mom had a great idea: “Let’s tape it and pretend we’re really on a show!”  We got all excited and started planning.  We set up a video camera, and put a special table which was at the exact height that it would be on TV, we prepared our little bowls, our cutting boards, our knives and plates.  We preheated the oven and even decided to make homemade crust with our new breadmaker (which Marc had convinced Mom and Dad to buy on the shopping channel, among other things).  Everything was set and we were ecstatic.

We started taping; started preparing and went for it.  Mom was doing the filming so I got my chance to be the lead chef along with my sous-chefs; Marc and his friend.  I told them what to do, supervised their work and made them laugh.  In that moment, I remember feeling so comfortable and joyful.

To make it even better, we added commercials which we invented on the fly.  At the end of the show, Marc and his friend made orange juice to be served with the pizza (with our juicer, which he also made our parents buy on the shopping channel) and I started to conclude the show.  How did it end?  By me trying to offer my brother up for adoption, mimicking commercials of the children in Africa we often see… haha

When my grandpa saw this video (yes my mom showed our whole family), he was amazed at how outspoken and funny I was.  He raved about it to everyone saying I should send it to CBC and that I would create the first ever TV show hosted by a child. Amazing right?

Today, I would give anything to see that tape again… if only I knew where it lived.


Back to present day.  Yesterday was my big star moment!  I got all my props ready and headed to the station to go live on TvRogers!  It was AMAAZZIINNG and everything I always thought it would be:  Nervewracking as hell, exciting, amazing and FUN.

To watch the video (which was taken from my iPhone while watching it last night) click this link! Andree-Lise Photo featured on TV! PS. It’s in French:)

Once I get a real copy, I’ll post that one but for now, a photo of one of my items which was on display yesterday!

PS… For any big time TV producers reading this, I would really like my own show. Thanks!

Andrée-Lise Photography

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