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Fashion shoot – EF Magazine

When I was asked by Malorie Bertrand, editor-in-chief of EF Magazine to contribute as photographer for her upcoming issue, I was excited and nervous!  What an opportunity and all for an amazing cause too!

EF Magazine’s mission is: ‘To encourage great change in consumption that will push the entire Canadian fashion industry to completely overhaul its practices.’  See their website here: http://www.efmgzn.com, follow them on twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/efmgzn and like their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EF-Magazine/10469797508

This shoot was amazing – all the girls were so sweet and excited to be part of this too which made it so much easier.  The nerves soon went away and my creativity came through to give what I think are amazing results.


When I arrived Malorie had set up the change room and makeup area under a huge willow tree, how perfect.  It started to rain a tiny bit, but eventually when the makeup was done, it cleared up and left us with a beautiful diffused light.  It helped that the spot she had picked was gorgeously romantic, by the canal and by a pretty pond.  Perfect for a photo shoot.

The models were wearing jewelry by an artist from Toronto, the pieces were truly breathtaking.

We tried all sorts of poses, included under the willow tree.

EF wanted a dreamy, romantic look and I think we got that perfectly with these slightly over-exposed and hazy images.

The clothing is from cute vintage, eco-fashion shops in Ottawa.  Make sure you check EF’s website for the official post for more information on the featured outifts.

I really hope you enjoy the photos and please check out the links I posted for EF Magazine!  Malorie and her team are busy converting us into an eco-fashion nation!

As for me, I’m officially EFd up!



**Please note that these images are low-res (web size) and are the property of Andrée-Lise Photography**


Amie - August 19, 2011 - 9:10 am

These are gorgeous photos!

[…] P.P.S. To see Andrée-Lise Photography’s original EF Magazine post, click here. […]

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Day long shoot with a beautiful family

This family is so sweet and fun! They welcomed me into their home and Liam was so sweet the entire time!  We took a couple shots in Lexi’s room, where he was a real ham for the camera! He kept coming over and trying to take shots, which I welcomed gladly:)  I love early photography enthusiasm.

Later, we headed to a nearby park for some family photos and a bit of adventure.  At that point, Liam had lost his desire to pose and just wanted to run around, so we let him with pleasure.  In the end, that’s the nature of a 2 year old, and plus, it makes amazing photos.

Later in the evening, we got back into it without little Liam for some maternity photos of just J & L, these will be in another post!

It was so nice to share the excitement of their upcoming addition, baby Lexi.

Enjoy this mini-preview guys, more to come soon!

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The beautiful Lexi | Andrée-Lise Photography - September 21, 2011 - 12:00 am

[…] I really hope you enjoyed this set of photos and the preview of what’s to come for this little angel!  If you’re interested in Jess & Luc’s maternity shoot, check it out here. […]

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Backlighting = Success!

This was another spur of the moment, jump out of the car, climb over REALLY tall grass and branches, hang a reflector off a tree, kneel in some dirt, shoot.  The sun was setting and I wanted to catch some of the beautiful light before getting home for the night.  The model: Marc, my brother (who was very reluctant at first but ‘got’ it as I started shooting and showing him the results as we went along). He got right into it and was suggesting poses.  Fitting because he had just finished buying himself his very first DSLR.  (Canon, of course ;))

Here’s a sneak peek of our shoot – more to come as I finish post-processing!

Hope you enjoy it, we sure did!

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Gorgeous Evie

This was a spur of the moment, jump in the bus, go adventuring lunch break.  I had just purchased my very first 50mm lens and wanted to test it out.  Why not during lunch time with my coworker Evelyn!

She is absolutely gorgeous and I figured she would be easy to work with, and she really was.  The shoot was casual and fun – nothing stressful about it.  We walked around, took some test shots and had a fun time.  It was really hot though… I wanted a vintage, natural feel to the photos and I think I was successful.

Thanks to Evie for coming along – hope you enjoy the photos!

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Welcome to Andrée-Lise Photography!

Good evening,

It’s been a long time coming but officially, I am so excited to announce the launch of Andrée-Lise Photography!  I have been through so much in the last couple years but my love of photography and all things beautiful never left my side.  Finally, I want to share with the world what I see when I look through my lens and convey my artistic and creative side at the same time.

To start, I want to find myself as a photographer by experimenting in all facets of photography.  If it can be photographed, I want to be there!  I will not hold back!  I will be seen, camera in hand everywhere I go, promise.

I am so proud of my progress in the last couple years and now, I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about this new stage of my life.  I am finally living my dream, and it’s scary, nerve-wracking and amazing!

Hope you stick around for the ride!

Andrée-Lise <3

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